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Video of listing 1

I put up a small video here for you to check it out. They are in full construction mode for this build.

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Video of listing 2

Checkout the video of the listing here, you can see a little bit of the lot. And in another video here, you can see the part of the golf course it is "connected" to. Its not really visible, maybe if you stand on the roof it would.. 
Nice neighborhood. But like I said, construction will take 12 months after purchase. 

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Video 2 of listing 2

This is the golf course video.

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Video of Listing 1

Part 1 Tour

Video of Listing 2

Part 2 Tour

Video of Listing 3

Part 3 Tour

Video of Listing Part 1

Video Part 1

Video of Listing Part 2

Video Part 2

Video of Listing Part 3

Video Part 3