Model Shimaruku

The Kayena model has 3 floors, with this model you get 4 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms and a rooftop terrace.
This model is 209 m2 and could range in amount of bedrooms and bathrooms.
Furthermore, you can choose to have one of the best views on the project by selecting a porch on the top floor.

Starting at ANG 595.000,-

Model Kayena

 The Kayena model has 2 floors, with this model having 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms.

This model is 148 m2 and could range in amount of bedrooms and bathrooms.

Furthermore, you can choose to have one of the best views on the project by selecting a porch on the top floor.

Starting at ANG 495.000,- 

Catharina Gardens Model Shimaruku

Model Shimaruku
ANG 595.000,-

The very spacious Shimaruku model offers a variety of interior design opportunities. A beautiful ambiance is created in the livingroom area by means of a very unique feature: the rooftop glass windows. the insulated glazing for the windows and doors maximizes the use of cool air, controls the heat, dust and noise and ensures the home security. The high-end kitchen area fits a family enjoying breakfast comfortably. All bathrooms and toilets are equipped with modern luxurious German Grohe sanitary and appliances. Living at Shimaruku means daily moments of bliss as you are able to enjoy the view of the surroundings even better from the second and third floor.

Catharina Gardens

Project Details

The development of the Catharina Gardens area initially started with the intention to help a small number of home owners that were part of a development project that had not been finalized.

After hearing the stories of the affected home owners, Kos Ta Bon N.V. decided to acquire the project and finish the realization of the homes.

Rather than completing the project with similar houses that were not designed taking the surroundings fully into account and lacking privacy, the team decided to create a master plan that would be much more suitable for the location and compliant with modern urban principles. With the new plan lay-out, the challenge arose to create a house design with the perspective of the future needs of home owners in mind.

Catharina Gardens Model Kayena

Model Kayena 
ANG 495.000,-

The Kayena model is designed with the front entrance facing the neighbourhood street and the back door facing the pre-landscaped backyard. Fixed assets of the home are the outside front door lobby, the guest room, the stairway and the embiance enhancing interior garden. 
The Kayena model basis lay-out of the first floor showcases the option of 2 bedrooms and a spacious living room area. These options can be altered with a large variety of interchangeable modules. Would you prefer a study? Or 1 bedroom instead of 2? Or a porch area? Catharina Gardens makes this possible.

Catharina Gardens

Model Layouts

The houses have been designed to work as modular units, which means that different living space functions can be interchanged throughout the design of the house on the different floors as you like it. In the “Kayena model” there are  four living spaces and in the Shimaruku model there are six living spaces, each waiting to be filled with your dream ideas.

There are two modules on each floor, 1F is to the front and and 1B is to the back, the same goes for 2F/2B and 3F/3B.

The interior garden with the stairs and the corridor, connecting the two living spaces, are fixed in the house and can not be changed.

See how you would like to set up your new home, build it as you like it


Catharina Gardens Layout

The houses of Catharina Gardens are uniquely designed to truly incorporate the ambiance 

created by the elements of the east side nature, in an environment-friendly nature-oriented manner, 

merging respectfully with the surroundings

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